The Leanos, LLC has officially launched its new DBA, Reliant Bookkeeping and Tax Services of Southern California. This new DBA shall be representative of our new, unified services effort comprised of Bookkeeping, Personal, Business Tax and Business Property Statement prep, Audit Assistance and Consulting Services for interested Clients. The new DBA and its brand shall continue to provide the same customer service and quality work The Leanos, LLC’s existing Clients have come to know over the years.

The Year 2020 saw unprecedented challenges to both The Leanos, LLC and its clients with the brutal spread of the Covid-19 Pandemic across the United States and the world. Businesses and families alike are affected, with a catastrophic death toll unlike any our generation has ever seen. These, coupled with political and racial upheaval, war, and global environmental issues, have made the year 2020 a challenging year indeed.

However, despite these challenges, I am confident to say that our organization continues to thrive and grow. Our Clients have expressed their satisfaction with the quality of our work, and we maintain a stable client base despite the circumstances. Our outlook is so positive that we have decided to make certain changes that will serve as a platform for our organization to prepare itself to grow and diversify as we see fit.

Onward and Upward to 2021.