Critical Deadlines to Remember

As Quarter 2 of 2019 closes, it is important to take note of the following critical deadlines:

For our regular retail Clients - Quarterly Sales Tax figures are due at the end of the current month. Please ensure that your April, May and June books are current and at our office no later that the week of July 26, 2019. You must give us an allowance of 2 days to compile your numbers, submit them to you for review, and finally file them.

Gas Station Clients - Quarterly Sales Tax Figures and Quarterly Underground Storage Fees are due. Your Quarterly Sales Tax Figures are due at the end of this month, however your Underground Storage Fees are due on the 24th of July. The deadline for submission of UGST figures is on Monday, the 22nd of July. After which, we cannot guaranty on-time filing.